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Jerry Feist, Ph.D.

Constructive Change

Counseling & Psychotherapy,

Executive Coaching,

Organizational Consulting,

& Customized Skill Training

The world is dynamic. The one constant is change. Because change is inevitable and the pace is increasing, the important question is: Do you prefer chance or choice? When you want to choose, Constructive Change helps you insure that outcomes match your needs and goals.

Dr. Jerry Feist has been providing counseling and psychotherapy, executive coaching, organizational consulting, and customized skill training for over 30 years. His clients have included CEOs and presidents, boards of directors, senior managers, physicians, faculty, students, front-line workers, and additional diverse individuals and work groups.

Having worked intimately with individuals, teams, and organizations to effect positive change, Jerry has a thorough understanding of how to help people identify, modify, and achieve their goals. He knows a “cookie-cutter approach” is not sufficient, so he customizes his interventions to suit the individuals and the environments within which they find themselves. His systems perspective recognizes the important interrelationships to consider when change is desired.

Jerry graduated from Allegheny College with a B.A. in psychology, then served as a Special Agent in the U.S. Army. At Syracuse University he earned his M.A. in student personnel administration and his Ph.D. in counseling. Jerry’s doctoral research examined the effectiveness of communication skills training programs.

Jerry taught and worked at both Syracuse and Cornell Universities. Course content included leadership, group process, career development, and counseling skills. At Syracuse, as Director of Academic Counseling, he developed a peer counseling program and a career counseling program. At Cornell, Jerry was a Human Resources Consultant and Trainer, Director of Psychological Services, and Assistant Dean of Students for Counseling and Training.

While at Cornell, Jerry achieved his “15 minutes of fame” when he created Dear Uncle Ezra, an innovative on-line information, advising, and counseling service which received national attention in The Wall Street Journal, on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” and in Newsweek. It is now being cited as the first Internet counseling service, and is being used as a model by universities around the country.

Jerry has devoted his career to helping people and organizations make constructive changes.

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