Executive Coaching

When bosses need advice, who do they call? The executive coach. – The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 2, 1996

As an executive, people in your organization recognize your power and authority, and treat you differently. Sometimes you might feel as if you work in a fishbowl. People watch your every action and give it their own interpretation. One outcome is there are few people with whom you can safely have an open dialogue about your issues. Everyone has their agendas in mind.

You may want to “think out loud,” work through a few scenarios, or get some advice about a problem or opportunity with someone who does not have a biased perspective. This is when an executive coach can help.

What is an executive coach? The metaphor “coach” aptly describes the relationship that typically evolves between an executive and consultant, which is similar to the relationship between a top-flight athlete and his or her coach. “The Michael Jordans of the world all have coaches, the sandlot players don’t,” said Don Maruska, a former CEO of three Silicon Valley start-up companies . “The Michael Jordans want to perform at their best. They’re doing things to lead others, but sometimes it’s difficult for them to have the perspective to see the whole floor.”

Jerry understands the complex politics of today’s organizations and is sensitive to the impact that one person’s behavior can have on others. He works one-on-one to do what no canned course will ever accomplish – increase your ability to perform and lead in your current working environment. During coaching, Jerry serves as your personal trainer to develop and monitor a customized development program.

Executive coaching usually takes place on-site, while you are performing your usual job. During the course of a process that can last from one session to 6 months, you and Jerry work together to identify and strengthen the behaviors that contribute to your effectiveness, and change those things that hamper your performance.

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