Organizational Consulting

Organizations today are dynamic. The one constant is change. Because change is inevitable and the pace is increasing, the important question is: Do you prefer chance or choice? When you want to choose, Constructive Change helps you insure that outcomes meet your needs.

Based on both training and experience, Jerry Feist has an expert understanding of how people and organizations change. Jerry works with you and your organization to optimize performance and facilitate constructive change.

The process includes:

  • Identifying problems & opportunities
  • Clarifying or establishing goals
  • Examining alternatives
  • Recommending action steps
  • Developing & implementing solutions
  • Evaluating success

Outcomes include:

  • Performance improved
  • Strengths amplified
  • Problems solved
  • Barriers removed
  • Conflicts resolved
  • Attitudes changed
  • Teamwork enhanced
  • Pro-active responses increased

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