Partial Client Listing

American Society for Training & Development:  Training Trainers: Give a Little, Get a Lot

Binghamton University Technical Leadership Program:  Social Responsibility and Ethical Issues

Challenge Industries:  Working with dual-diagnosed consumers

Clinical Dietetic Association:  Teamwork and Group Problem Solving

Cornell Engineering School:  Improving Faculty Advising

Cornell Management Graduate School:  Running Effective Meetings

Corning Glass:  Team Communication Skills

The CBORD Group, Inc.:  Teamwork

Dryden Mutual Insurance Company: Leadership 

Franziska Racker Centers: Shared Leadership for Senior Managers

Franziska Racker Day Treatment Center:  Improving Teamwork

Guthrie Healthcare Services:  Becoming a Successful Team, Improving Management Effectiveness

Guthrie Medical Clinic:  Working as an Effective Board of Directors, Managing Conflict

Ithaca City School District Senior Executive Team:  Teambuilding

Ithaca College: 360˚ Feedback for Senior Administrators

Ithaca Rotary Club:  Business Ethics

Paxar:  Stress Management, Process Improvement

Pfizer Inc.: From Silos to Teams

Robert Packer Hospital: Teambuilding, Improving Quality, Managing Conflict

Sciarabba Walker & Co.:  Stress & Time Management

Seneca/Cayuga ARC:  Improving Teamwork, Training the Trainer, Ethical Considerations for End-of-Live Decisions

Steuben ARC: Assessing Employee Satisfaction

Tompkins County Public Health:  Improving Quality

Tompkins County Public Library:  Improving Teamwork

Tompkins County Public Works:  Working as a Team

TST-BOCES:  Strategic Planning

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