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Counseling & Psychotherapy

I am a licensed mental health counselor in New York State with over thirty five years of clinical experience. I work with adolescents and adults providing individual, family, and couples counseling and psychotherapy, primarily using a cognitive-behavioral approach.

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Sometimes it is especially important to understand and work through a process with someone who does not bring their own agenda. I provide special value when the process may involve interpersonal conflict, misunderstandings, and other difficulties in working constructively together.

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Sometimes you may want to “think out loud,” work through some scenarios, or get advice about a problem or opportunity from someone who does not have a biased perspective. This is when an executive coach can help.

The metaphor “coach” aptly describes the relationship that evolves between a leader and coach, which is similar to the relationship between a top-flight athlete and his or her coach. The focus is on what will help you excel.

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I have been providing counseling and psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting for over 35 years. My clients have included CEOs and presidents, board officers, senior managers, sole proprietors, front-line workers, students, faculty, and people from all walks of life.

Having worked intimately with individuals, teams, and organizations to effect positive change, I have a thorough understanding of how to help people identify, modify, and achieve their goals. I know a “cookie-cutter approach” is not sufficient, so I customize my work to suit the individuals and the groups. My systems perspective recognizes the important interrelationships to consider when change is desired.

I graduated from Allegheny College with a B.A. in psychology, then served as a Special Agent in the U.S. Army. At Syracuse University I earned my M.A. in personnel administration and my Ph.D. in counseling. My doctoral research examined the effectiveness of skills training programs.

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